Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Paris attacks: Do not jump to could be "right-wing extremists"*

Rapid response memo** to all UK media editors
Memo: A measured response to the Paris attack
OK, so the magazine Charlie Hebdo has been the focal point for Muslim hatred because it satirised Mohammed. And it had been attacked before by Muslim terrorists in 2011, as well as receiving numerous fatwas. But you do not need to mention any of that. And OK there was a new threat of violence issued by the Islamist State against the magazine yesterday after it ran more cartoons. And OK the gunman today - dressed in jihadist black 'uniforms' were yelling "Allahu Akbar" and "We have avenged the prophet Mohammed" as they murdered journalists and cartoonists at the magazine's office. OK, so Paris has a recent history of multiple Islamic terrorist attacks...

But - as I am pleased the UK media is now saying with one voice - we must not jump to any conclusions about who is responsible for this and we must remove any mention of the words Islam, Muslim etc from our reporting, except in relation to Muslim victims. Because, even if this was committed by people claiming to be Muslims, they could not have been Muslims because Islam is a religion of peace. In particular remember that, as always, the REAL victims of these attacks are indeed Muslims - so you must reinforce this narrative of Muslim victimhood (use the expression "unjustified backlash against the Muslim community" liberally in all reports, and include quotes like "All Muslims condemn this attack, which is clearly an attack against Islam" from a local Imam (just make up a name if you cannot find one). 
I am pleased to report that so far the entire UK main stream media is falling in line with the memo.
Indeed, I just heard LBC’s commentator say (in all seriousness):
“Hebdo is a left-wing publication, so this could be the work of right-wing extremists”
Meanwhile Sky News – which for once clearly cannot use its standard ‘lone madman’ excuse to describe Islamic terrorist attacks in the West, has described it as a
“semi-lone gunman type attack”.
*Although this was meant to be satirical, both of the above statements were actually made. I kid you not. And the actual reporting really is sticking to the memo.

** copyright of every single mainstream western news media outlet, as well as every government agency

See update (again this is NOT a joke): BBC News removes all mention of 'Islam' from its main page  on Paris attack

And remember President Obama has very firmly aligned himself in the recent past with those who wish to persecute people who 'slander Islam', He has done this in actions as well as words.

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