Friday, April 02, 2010


  • A useful summary of how Obama's radical Marxist background was covered up. And here's information about him cosying up to Hamas. When is the media going to wake up to what this guy is about?
  • The sheer hypocrisy of Israel's supposed insult to the US over housing in Jerusalem.
  • The stupidity of US engagement with Syria.
  • A frightening insight into the thinking of supposedly 'ultra moderate' Muslim MP Shahid Malik (a Government Minister even). Watch the video (to a Muslim audience) - it's very short; he praises charities which have now been linked to Hamas and he boasts of over billion pounds of Government money given to (failed) Muslim countries (including £250 million to 'Palestine') which we known inevitably ends up in the hnads of the Islamists. But he also talks about a day when the whole of the British Parliament will be filled with Muslims. Imagine if this was a Jewish MP (the cries of 'dual loyalty' would be deafening).

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Anonymous said...

Nope... I don't believe you as you bomb children playing on beaches. You're too rich for me to feel sorry for you...

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