Thursday, April 29, 2010

What the media is not telling you

The relentless campaign to deligitimize Israel is massively helped by the refusal of the main stream media to publish any stories that cast Palestinians and their supporters in a negative light. The classic case of this was the massive self-censorship in Jan 2009 which suppressed almost all the news of the riots by anti-Israel demonstrators on the streets of London. Those stories do not fit with the media's prevailing 'vision' of the demonstrators being 'anti-war' luvvies who simply feel the 'pain of an oppressed people'. The results of such sensorship is that, without any irony at all, the handful of violent demonstrators who were actually jailed recently at Isleworth Crown Court, have become cause-celebres among the Leftist-Islamist alliance, who proclaim that they are political prisoners jailed merely because they are Muslims.

One of the continuing stories ignored by the main stream media is the campaign (often accompanied by violence) to stop any speakers who are not anti-Israel from speaking at public events. Hence not one British media outlet felt it newsworthy that an Israeli female diplomat was attacked at Manchester University this week. Nor was it newsworthy that the event (which had previously been cancelled because of threats of violence) was only able to go ahead at all because of a complete lockdown of the building, a high-level security presence, ID checks at the door and ticket-only arrangements.

And here is another story which, mysteriously, did not get a mention anywhere:

Hamas claims Egyptians kill 4 Palestinians by gassing them in a tunnel.

If Hamas had accused Israel of doing that, the story would have been blasted all over the UK media, even ahead of the election coverage.

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