Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The 'Religion of Peace' in Nigeria

Iif you read and watch only the main stream media you would be totally ignorant of the fact that on 7 March 2010 some 500 Christians (mainly women and children) were slaughtered by Muslims in Jos, Nigeria. What you might vaguely have heard was that there was some kind of 'sectarian violence'. While the media hyperventilates at the concept of a Jew building an extension to his own house in Jerusalem and calls for UN resultions against Israel when a ruthless Hamas terrorist is killed, they are censor any story which shows the true nature of radical Islam.

The pictures here are gruesome but give an indication of the scale of the slaughter. You will not see these in the UK media for sure. But the same media will be certain to publish any picture of an injured or dead Palestinian child no matter what the circumstances or who was to blame.

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