Sunday, September 13, 2015

Can a Marxist, Western-hating, anti-Israel bigot be elected leader of the country?

Most people are assuming that Corbyn can never be elected Prime Minister. Obviously, a Marxist, Western-hating, anti-Israel bigot could never be elected leader of a major English speaking country ...

The only main difference is that Obama really did enjoy slavish devotion by the entire main stream media - which is unlikely Corbyn will get from the UK. But note that Corbyn will enter into an electoral pact with the SNP, Greens, Welsh Nationalists and Respect (all of whom have identical views to him) while also taking 90% of the LibDem votes. Even on the 2015 results that will create a majority far-left block, which will result in Corbyn as PM. Dangerous times ahead.

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Kian said...

I think it is wrong to compare Jeremy Corbin to Obama or even Bernie Sanders for that matter as it gives way too much credit to Jeremy Corbin.