Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Where are the Allies v Iraqi 'number of deaths' scorecards?

The most iconic textual images from this summer's war between Israel and Hamas (as on all previous occasions when Israel finally responded to terrorist attacks from its neighbours) were the incessant 'number of deaths' scorecards that were shown tickertape fashion on every single news channel 24 hours a day. This obsessive ritual is used only when Israel is involved in a conflict, confirming the world cares about Arab deaths only when they can be blamed on the Jews. The figures (based anyway on the lies of Hamas who failed to report that most of the Palestinian deaths were Hamas members or people killed by Hamas themselves) - were used as the basis for the argument that Israel's actions were unjustified and 'disproportionate'  -since 'there were so few Israeli dead'; the figures were the focal point of every 'debate' and interview. While the world mourned the death of Hamas terrorists Palestinians, Israelis were made to feel ashamed that they had suffered so few deaths.

Now the UK and the USA are bombing ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria - just as Israel was bombing Hamas terrorists in Gaza - why are we not seeing scorecards of the number of dead 'Iraqis' or 'Syrians' from these air strikes set alongside the number of dead Brits and Americans? What about the 'disproportionate force' argument?

Anybody who has a chance to speak to a politician (Nick Clegg would be the perfect one) - or even a TV News editor - perhaps they can ask them 'how many British civilians have been killed from ISIS bombs in the UK?'. When he asks why that question is relevant you will know what the follow up is ....

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