Thursday, October 23, 2014

Killing Jewish babies: no sympathy, no condemnation, no news

Today a Palestinian terrorist from Hamas murdered a 3-month old American-Israeli baby girl called Chaya Zisel Baron, and injured many others, in an attack at a Jerusalem light railway station that can be seen on video here (I was waiting at that very station just a few days ago). Hamas is celebrating the attack. The Obama administration refused to condemn the attack or even make a statement about what happened; instead spokeswoman Marie Harf "urged restraint" and called on all parties to "maintain calm". Harf also refused to comment on the citizenship of the victims, amid reports that several are American. The Jerusalem Post and other sources are also reporting that the terrorist had been imprisoned for a previous terrorist act and may have been one of those whom the Obama administration forced Israel to release as a 'peace concession'.

Despite the seriousness of today's terrorist attack and the circumstances surrounding it, it has not been mentioned in a single non-Israeli/Jewish news outlet. Not a single mention on any of the 24-hour news channels (in fact there was an earlier terrorist attack today on Israelis near the Sinai border that has also not been reported outside Israel)

Contrast this response to what happened in July when a Palestinian teenager 'of American descent' (Tariq Khdeir) who threw firebombs at Israeli policemen in Jerusalem received, in return, a black eye when resisting arrest. In response to this incident the Obama administration (via White House spokesman Jan Pseki) expressed its disgust at the Israelis saying it was "profoundly troubled ..and we are calling for a speedy, transparent and credible investigation and full accountability for any excessive use of force,”. The incident was headline news for two days on every western news channel/media.

Clearly in the eyes of the world a Palestinian thug who gets a black eye when resisting arrest after throwing a firebomb deserves far more sympathy than a Jewish baby deliberately killed by a Palestinian terrorist.

Update: there was some interest in the story ... Associated Press reported that "Israeli police shoot man in east Jerusalem" Also a US official has 'confirmed the baby was American'.

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