Thursday, May 15, 2014

Irony of the anti-Livni demonstration in London (including interesting revelation about Neturai Karta)

The ignorant Israel haters demonstrating tonight outside a Knightsbridge hotel against Tzipi Livni (who was guest speaker at a JNF event there) calling her a ‘war criminal’ presumably do not understand the irony of their protests. Her behaviour in seeking to undermine Netanyahu’s government in her role as ‘chief negotiator’ in the peace talks (where she has acted more as Obama’s chosen representative than Israel’s) means that she may be doing more to damage the long-term security of the State of Israel than the Israel haters would dare dream of.

motley crew of 'human rights' campaigners - click on the pictures to enlarge

no interest in Palestinians - only hatred of Jews

Good turn out of Israel supporters

Fortunately there was a very good turn-out (about 150) of Israel supporters to challenge the standard lies (“Israel is an apartheid state”) and genocidal chants (“from the river to the sea Palestine will be free”) of the bigots opposite.

Neturai Karta goons - funded by Iran

..and not even Jews as they desecrate Shabbat

The usual Marxist Jewish 'kapos'

Eerily similar Arsenal and Spurs anti-Zionist flags - and nobody there to claim ownership

The obligatory ‘stars’ for the bigots were, as usual, the Neturai Karta goons who were out in force. I have blogged before about my belief that they are not even Jews because I have seen them demonstrating – and carrying banners – on Shabbat. So I went up to their leader and questioned him about this (referring specially to the last time this happened at Trafalgar Square). He gave a truly remarkable response. He said they were allowed to carry banners in ‘that special place’ on Shabbat. It really is amazing what a barrel load of Iranian cash can buy these days.

Update: A report on that actual meeting with Livni inside the hotel

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