Tuesday, December 24, 2013

War on Want: The ‘charity’ that is just an anti-Israel propaganda organization funded by duped Brits (courtesy of the BBC and Comic Relief)

If anybody wants to know how and why the anti-Israel movement in the UK is so well funded they need look no further than the ‘charity’ War on Want that was previously led by anti-Israel fanatic George Galloway. I have reported many times previously (see, e.g. here) about this 'charity' and how it receives a massive chunk of its income every year courtesy of the BBC’s Comic Relief whereby unknowing Brits (mostly youngsters) send in their hard earned cash thinking it will go directly to help the starving in Africa.

Looking at the War on Want website today I note that in its annual ‘thank you’ message to its supporters its main listed achievement is its role in the BDS campaign against Israel, including its boast of how it disrupted the AGM of the firm G4S and pressured them into terminating business in Israel. It also takes credit for the UK government issuing “an explicit warning to British businesses over the risks of involvement in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.”:
War on Want boasts of its key role in leading the boycott Israel campaign in the UK
Whereas previously War on Want has been involved in campaigns that do not involve delegitimizing Israel, a look at their website today confirms that they are now more or less exclusively focused on anti-Israel propaganda. Other than the ‘thank you’ above to supporters their front page has just the following three stories (every one focused on demonization of Israel):
War on Want has nothing to say about real ethnic cleansing of Christians going on throughout the Arab and Muslim world

Note that Angela Davis is the racist communist and convicted terrorist 'professor' who led the recent academic boycott of Israel by the ASA

War on want does not seems to know that the US and NATO (not Israel) routinely kill civilians with drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There is no proven case of Israel killing a civilian with a drone in recent years

And here is their ‘campaigns’ page:

In addition to receiving £1.5 million from Comic Relief, War on Want receives funding from the British government and the EU. In its 2013 Annual report it is clear that these are its main sources of income (UK government and EU grants incredibly came to nearly £2 million in the last two years).

See also: The boycott Israel campaign and the Nazi boycott Jews  

'Charity' Update: I see that a massive 12-day anti-Israel demonstration is taking place right in the heart of London's Piccadilly at the St James Church, which has erected a 'life-size replica' of Israel's security wall. As Daphne Anson reports today this expensive demonstration was funded by George Galloway's other 'charity' - the Hamas supporting Interpal. At a time when Muslims are massacring Christians throughout the Middle East and Africa it is nice to know that the Churches in the UK are working with Islamic 'charities' on things that really matter to them.

17/12/13 Update: another church joins in

Update Feb 2015: War on Want and Comic Relief
Anti-Israel charities


Daphne Anson said...

An eye-opening post indeed, Edgar. I must link to it. I did not know, or perhaps had forgotten, that Galloway and Interpal are intertwined. How grotesque it is that the several thousand pounds that went towards that replica wall did not go towards alleviating the suffering of some of the persecuted Christians (and for that matter suffering Syrians) in the Middle East.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Yes Galloway is a major supporter of Interpal (which also directly funds Hamas) in the UK - it was actually his chosen 'charity' when he was on Celebrity Big Brother, so again he got unwitting British youngsters to fund it - a speciality of his):