Sunday, January 20, 2013

Update on the London Sharia patrols story

I woke up this morning to the sound of James Max on LBC talking about the fact the Sunday Times was now running with this story (it only took the main stream media a week to catch up!). In typical James Max, LBC style however they were interviewing a religous Christian (whose name I did not catch) to act as apologist for the Islamists. What he said - to Max's approval - was that these guys were no different to any other pious religous Christians or Jews in that all they wanted to do was to protect their family and faith from the horrors and decadence of modern Western society.

There was also the usual suggestions that, in running with this story, the media was being Islamaphobic. Well it turns out that, as I noted in the original article, Youtube has indeed now censored and removed the videos (nobody is allowed any more to cast Islam in a bad light even when it is the Islamists doing it themselves). So I have uploaded one that I saved. If my blog is now closed down you will know why.

Update on this story at the Commentator where they now have a video of the Muslim patrol harassing man they assume is gay as "dirty, bloody fag"

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