Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is Oxford

Yesterday and this morning I heard on the radio and TV news about about a 'gang of Oxford men' who allegedly subjected 11-15 year old girls to horrific rape and abuse over a period of 8 years. There was, of course, no mention of the ethnicity of the 'Oxford men', but somehow I did not imagine them to be a set of University students or dons.

As you can see from the Sun article below (by reading the names of the accused and looking at the courtroom sketch) all eight are Muslims. In an ideal world the ethnicity of alleged rapists should be of no relevance. But the UK has seen such an epidemic of Muslim gangs who groom and rape child victims, that even some members of the Muslim community itself have attempted to raise it as a matter of concern because they know there are deep-seated cultural reasons for such behaviour.

In previous cases the media - while never mentioning Muslims - has used the "Asian" euphemism (thereby tarring the reputation of Chinese, Korean, and non-Muslim Indians who actually have never been known to form such rape gangs in the UK). What is startling about this latest case is that the media has taken its self-censorship a step further by refusing to even call the gang Asian (although very curiously the Sun's online version of story - unlike the print version - does refer to an Asian gang in its headline).

See also my "This is London" article, which is relevant in this context because that story had been completely ignored by the main stream media.

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