Saturday, December 08, 2012

The most anti-Israel British Government in recent history?

In threatening to break off diplomatic relations and seek sanctions against Israel, the British Government's hysterical overreaction last week to Israel's announcement of a plan to build 3000 homes in their own capital city Jerusalem must surely count as the most anti-Israel action by any British government in recent history. The worst since the Conservative government under Ted Heath refused to supply spare parts for Israel's British made takes when it was attacked on Yom Kippur in 1973 and facing an imminent existential threat.

Israel's announcement of the new homes plan came just one day after Britain betrayed Israel by abstaining in the Palestine UN membership vote. By abstaining Britain breached an agreement it was party to under the Oslo accords not to allow the Palestinians to seek statehood through any means other than direct negotiations with Israel. If any country has a right to carpet another's ambassador it was Israel to Britain not the other way round. Even more so when you consider the millions of pounds that the British Government continues to pump into Gaza for the benefit of Hamas and the millions it provides to terrorist-supporting NGOs to directly undermine the Goverment of Israel.

That there are still British Jews who claim that Cameron and Hague are 'friends of Israel' is tragic. They are beginning to sound a bit like those Jewish industrialists in Germany in 1934 who still insisted that Hitler was a man they could work with. Of even more concern are those Jewish MPs who claim to support Israel but from whom we heard not a peep of protest at the Government's ludicrous actions. If they had any balls at all they might have suggested that the correct analogy to Britain's actions would be if Israel threatened to withdraw its ambassador to the UK for any one of the following reasons:
What has any of that got to do with Israel? The same as what building homes in Israel's capital city has to do with Britain.

Postscript:  Part of the 'ceasefire deal' that Britan and America forced Israel to accept over Gaza was to allow the Hamas terrorist leader Khaled Meshaal to return to Gaza. In his triumphant speech to thousands of Gazans today he announced Hamas's continued intention to destroy every inch of Israel. Don't hold your breath waiting for a word of condemnation from Cameron and Hague.


Steve said...

So we need to co-ordinate our whole community to contact Hague and Cameron and pressure them with the truth....if we all do it then we might be able to exert come influence....publish some email addresses for them as a start

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This is a time to unite the Muslim world.