Tuesday, November 20, 2012

With 'friends' like these...

I see the anti-Israel far-left Jewish goons Yachad (who laughingly call themselves 'pro-Israel' to lull other unsuspecting Jews) are running a meeting at the London Jewish Cultural Centre this week (and having the chutzpah to charge people £10). Note the announcement for the event below blames Israel for the start of the current conflict; it says "Since Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defence..."

To give a feel for the speakers Richard Hermer QC works for 'Lawyers for Human Rights of Palestinians', Professor Beverley Milton-Edwards is a Hamas apologist , and Daniel Levy is leader of Yachad's notorious American sister organisation J-Street who declared in 2010 that Israel's creation was a mistake. And the chair is the ultimate self-hating Jew himself Jonathan Freedland.

So why is the LJCC hosting an anti-Israel hate-fest under such false pretences?

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Anonymous said...

despicable...makes me sick to the stomach...how did these "jews" become like this? What went wrong along the way?