Sunday, November 25, 2012

What passes for 'expert' Israel coverage in the Jewish Chronicle

Anshel Pfeffer is the Jewish Chronicle's Israel reporter. In fact he is their ONLY Israel reporter and has been for quite a while now.

In the latest issue he dominates the entire front page and pages 2-3.  But what few people in the Jewish community in the UK realise is that Pfeffer is a Haaretz journalist who represents a view of Israel that is no different from that presented by the anti-Israel Guardian newspaper.

But not only is Pfeffer the typical leftist useful idiot presenting his anti-Israel agenda "as an Israeli"; he is also an incredibly shoddy journalist.

Elder of Ziyon has this link showing Pfeffer repeating one of the Palestinian blood libels today

Also, one of the FOUR articles by him that appears in the current issue of the Jewish Chronicle is about Egypt's anti-Semitic Israel hating Muslim Brotherhood leader headlined:
"Even-handed Morsi is Israel's biggest win".
This article on Page 3 - surely one of the dumbest ever in the JC - appeared on the very day that Morsi assumed dictatorial powers that have led to widespread riots in Egypt.

Morsi is a man who has repeatedly vowed to tear up the Camp David accords and destroy Israel. He refuses to mention Israel by name. What is not in Pfeffer's ignorant analysis is that Morsi's role in 'brokering' the cease-fire has everything to do with the $10billion that Obama and the EU are giving him this year alone to save the collapsing Egyptian economy (that is the largest annual sum any country has been given in aid in the history of the world - and it is YOUR taxpayer money funding an anti-Semitic Islamist regime that is likely to become the next Iran). But leftists like Pfeffer can never see anything other than sweetness and light in Muslim Brotherhood fanatics.

With this kind of coverage of Israel in the Jewish press, is it any wonder that the Jewish community in the UK is the most limp-wristed supporters of Israel among Jewish communities in the Western world?


asherpat said...

Pfeffer is not a journalist, he is an anti-Zionist activist, even if he will deny that to himself.

He tries to outdo Aluf Ben, the Haaaretz resident jester of the "Needed Nasralla" "fame"(an article in Haaretz in early June 2006 about the "responsible conduct" of Nasralla - 3-4 days before he provocated the 2006 war)and other "pearls" such as "Israel kills its subcontractor -Jaabari"...

I use to read the JC, but in the recent years it was hijacked by the new Jewish liberal current of North London and really became the Haaretz of London. The free Jewish News is much better and balanced.


Mark Wright said...

The free Jewish News used to be much better and balanced, but it has deteriorated rapidly in the last two years. Its coverage of Israel is now minimal and often they completely ignore major stories from Israel.