Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Toulouse killer is a Muslim terrorist so the media narrative changes again

While all the media continued yesterday to assume (and indeed hope) that the Toulouse killer was a 'white racist' I questioned the rationality of the assumption, because it was clear to me that the attacks seemed more in keeping with Islamic terrorism. This morning we hear - surprise, surprise -  that the killer is Mohammed Merah, an Islamic terrorist of Algerian origin, who claimed that the killings were in revenge for 'Israel killing Palestinian children and for French military involvement in the Middle East. 
Many media outlets carried this image from a multi-cultural rally in France yesterday. The banner reads "In France we kill blacks, Jews, and Arabs".  When we will be seeing the more accurate banner "In France Muslims kill Jews and soldiers"?

But no sooner was this announced than the media was already spinning the story in a way to suit its own narrative again. I just watched Sky News coverage and they were stressing that the killer and his family lived in a very poor housing block surrounded by wealthier neighbours, and that clearly social deprivation and poverty were a key factor. To emphasize this narrative they then interviewed a French female journalist living in London who claimed that what was terrible about the attack was that the killer was 'French' and that it was therefore 'an attack against diversity'. She said that it was all down to the racist climate in France which had been made worse by Nikolas Sarkozy in the last five years and she picked out, as an example of racist lack of tolerance, the burka ban he had introduced.

So there you have it in a nutshell. When a terrorist grabs tiny Jewish children by the hair and shoots them through the head this can only be the work of a white racist who actually hates Muslims as much as Jews (Tuesday's media headlines). But when on Wednesday we discover he is a Muslim terrorist then suddenly his actions are justified by poverty and are a natural reaction both to anti-Muslim attitudes in France and the actions of Israel against Palestinians. And of course the real victims in all of this are Muslims.

Finally, I wonder where Mohammed Merah got the idea into his head that Israel deliberately kills Palestinian children? It couldn't, by chance, have been from the western media who have been peddling these Arab lies and blood libels unquestioningly for many years now?

11.40 update: The headlines of all the usual media news suspects (BBC, Haaretz and bizarrely even the Jerusalem Post) - all of which yesterday headlined the fact that the killer was a suspected "white racist/Nazi'  - are all concealing the identify of the killer (although of course they are forced to reveal it in the actual story). In the UK today's budget will ensure that the story fails to even get much of a mention from now on, so many UK residents will forever assume that the killer was indeed a white Nazi with a hatred for Muslims.


Anonymous said...

Israel has no choice but to deport the muslims from gaza and judea.

Israel must separate themselves and end the perception of the " tit for tat" attacks.

If I were Bibi I would destroy an entire village due to the death of these innocent children in toulouse. Destroy the villages, hospitals, electric grids and the palies will have to leave.

But luckily for the muslims I am not the PM of Israel. Gaza nad jusea would be palie-free.

Anonymous said...

Since the BBC has said both the Toulouse killer's name and that he is a Muslim, I think anyone with an IQ in double figures (yes, I did mean double) will realise this is Islamic terror ... unless said person is blinkered by MultiKulti dogma of course and I refer you to my IQ comment.

Anonymous said...

What I find incredible is that no matter how badly muslims behave there is an apologist ready to make excuses for them. I guess they are not subject to the same rules as other people are!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You don't seem to have written a similar post last July, when the media - notably the Sun - immediately assumed the massacre in Norway was the work of Muslims.

Also, your concluding remarks just don't stand up. It simply isn't true that the story won't 'get much of a mention from now on'. It's the top story on all major news outlets - from the Mail to the BBC, From Sky to the Guardian.

Bill Fisk said...

"Anonymous" above is forgetting that the moment news of the Breivik massacre became known, an islamic organisation claimed responsibility. It then later retracted the claim.

Matt said...

This shows we have now arrived at a point where a muslim in a Western democratic country can shoot innocent children in the head from point blank range in the name of Islam and still get a left-wing apologist making excuses for them. If this does not show us that the Left is the problem just as much as these demonically possessed medieval cult following maniacs then nothing will.

Anonymous said...

Judging by some of these comments, you're all branding Muslims as the ones in the wrong, that /all/ Muslims behave badly. You don't recognise that it is a very small number who are to blame, not all of them. I personally think that it isn't fair for those who haven't done anything, to be treated as if they're the reason for any 'terrorism' that happens.

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