Friday, January 22, 2010

Muslim threats in East London

A friend of mine was handed this leaflet (click to enlarge) by a young man in traditional Muslim dress outside a mosque in the Mile End Road near Stepney Green station.

The leaflet states that the crime of “Shirk” (when Muslims dishonour Allah) is “the worst crime that anybody can commit” … and states that it is worse than “rape and murder”.

Hence, what makes this leaflet so threatening is the text printed in bold near the bottom, which warns Muslims against voting in the forthcoming elections; it says

“voting in the elections (manmade law system) is a form of shirk and will negate ones islam”.

Since the Koran mandates that the crime of Shirk is punishable by death according to the most eminent Muslim scholars this is clearly a death threat against Muslims who dare vote.

My friend has passed the leaflet on to the local Police. Since it contains a telephone number and email address there is not really much excuse for them not to follow up on this. But then again, since the Police have been infiltrated by an Islamist/Khomaneist grouping I would not hold out too much hope.


Petro said...

Impressive - even goes a bit beyond the maximum level of literacy for an islamohothead.

Nice use of KJVey words like 'verily'.

Anonymous said...

The language is a clumsy attempt at sophistication. The notice has been handed to the incompetent PC idiots we call a police force and these now have to run with what is essentially a statement calling others to treason. This deserves deportation.

gsw said...

I suggest you photocopy it a few thousand times and we will all help distribute it.

If muslims stop voting, the government might be encouraged not to legislate 'for the muslim vote'.

Then maybe we can go back to all people in the UK being equal and this apartheid muslim/kufir arrangement will collapse.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at the bottom of the page where it invites non-muslims to their religion and to find out the "real truth and justice" for all. Right, truth and justice with a threat against those that follow this vile religion with death threats.