Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Important things you will not know by following the News

The most important Middle East news story for a long time - Israel's seizure of a ship containing hundreds of tons of weapons including 3000 rockets bound for Hezbollah from Iran - has been completely ignored by the media. Not a word on the main news channels and not a mention on the news pages of google news or yahoo news (even though the latter manages to find space for a news item of Gaza shops selling Goldstone headscarves). The BBC website grudgingly covers the story but only as a 'claim' by Israel with the ludicrous headline:

Israelis 'seize Iran arms ship'

And here is another incredible story that you will not here about in the main stream media. Remember the Washington sniper who shot and killed 10 people over a number of days in 2002? Turns out that these were Jihad inspired terrorist attacks. Read it all here and especially look at the drawings produced by the Muslim killer.

A brilliant analysis of the Palestinian and Arab mentality is Rubin's The Middle east: can you handle the truth

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Anonymous said...

Read "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" by Israeli historian who counter acts Benny Morris's version of events in 1948; read, "Hollow Land: Israel's Architecture of Occupation," by Israeli architect Eyal Weizman.

The myth that the Arabs were trying to fight against the Israelis in the 1948 war is a farce. Arabs colluded with Zionists.

Read articles by Franklin Lamb, Hezbollah expert.

Why is it Israel can rape and destroy the lands of the Palestinians and Lebanese, yet, it is the Palestinians and Lebanese who are stripped of humanization?

By the way, why do you perceive Iran as being so bad? Since its creation it has never once invaded another country, unless as an act of self-defense. Israel has invaded and destroyed nations for its messianic visions.