Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why has the Western media ignored these stories?

This week has seen two very good examples which illustrate that, no matter how big, important and of genuine mass interest a story might be, it will generally be ignored if it exposes the Islamists in a really negative light.

The first is the incredible story that Muzammil Hassan, who set up the TV station (Bridges TV) in America 'to combat negative opinions of Muslims' chopped his wife's head off this week - in the TV studio. This story should be huge on so many levels: This station had many viewers and paying subscribers and massive funding from the Saudis. Its mission was to fool the American public into the 'Islam is a religion of peace' nonsense (while, incidentally moving increasingly toward the standard Al-Jazeera subtle jihadist agenda); and this was its founder and CEO no less. Also, let's face it, I don't think it is every day in America that a wealthy public figure decapitates their wife in a public place. Yet the story has been almost completely ignored, and in the rare place it has been mentioned all references to Islam and the objectives of the TV channel have been carefully avoided or minimised.

The other is the story of top Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer being banned from the major women's tennis tournament in Dubai for the crime of being Israeli. Can you imagine the world outcry if Venus Williams had been banned for being black? The fact that the tournament went ahead at all (Peer had already been scheduled to play the opening round match when she was banned) should itself have been a subject for major public denunciation. But no, not a whisper anywhere in the mainstream Western media. Debbie Schlussel has some good comments on this.

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