Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poor defenceless Palestinians continue to kill Israelis

The poor defenceless (Hamas supporting) Palestinians of Gaza, for whom who the entire British media feel are more deserving of charity than any other group of people in the world, continue with their only real goal in life - to kill Israelis through terror operations. And you can be sure that this important incident this morning will not be reported in the media - at least not until Israel responds (by which time it will be mentioned at the end of any such report, with an implication that this was the Palestinian 'retaliation'):

  • An IDF non-commissioned officer was killed on Tuesday morning when a roadside bomb planted by Gaza operatives along Israel's border with the Strip detonated under the army vehicle he was traveling in. Another officer was seriously wounded and two soldiers were lightly hurt in the incident near the Kissufim crossing, the army said... more


Chas Newkey-Burden said...

Great post, Edgar. We missed you.

Anonymous said...

this all the evidence you got you prick. Watch the videos that are leaked through social media, doesnt take a dumb ass to notice what's happening out there. Palestinians are fighting for freedom & Justice, whilst the Jews are oppressing and trying to obtain land by killing innocent children, families.