Monday, January 12, 2009

A letter to the hypocrites of "Save the Children"

I think this letter I just sent is pretty self-explanatory:

Jasmine Whitbread
Chief Executive
Save the Children
1 St John's Lane
London EC1M 4AR

12 January 2009

Dear Ms Whitbread

My sunday newspaper today has a full page advertisement by your organisation entitled "Stop the Suffering" which appears to be saying that only children in Gaza are suffering and that if everybody texts a message saying "CEASEFIRE" to 81819 then this could force 'an end to the violence'.

I don't understand this. For 8 years the civilians of Southern Israel were living in shelters to protect themselves from indiscriminate bombing from Gaza (over 8,000 rockets including some 6,000 AFTER Israel removed all of its citizens and army personnel from Gaza in 2005). I do not recall ever seeing a campaign by Save the Children to stop their suffering.

Moreover, when the Gazan government (yes Hamas is the government in Gaza) ended a 6-month 'ceasefire' on 19 December 2008 by launching a barrage of longer range Iranian Grad missiles that brought almost one million civilians (including round 250,000 children) within range there was similarly no word from Save the Children despite the pleas by Israel to the international community of the seriousness of this situation.

When this barrage continued for 7 days without a word of world protest, Israel finally acted in self-defence to put an end to it. The suffering in Gaza that resulted is the direct responsibility of the Hamas government, which is committing war crimes by placing civilians deliberately in locations from which it is firing rockets. But indirect responsibility for the suffering is due to organisations like yours which stayed silent when the Israelis were the victims of indiscriminate bombing from a terrorist government. If the world had made its revulsion clear to Hamas then the current suffering would never have happened.

The clear intention of your advertisement is to stop Israel from defending itself. A forced ceasefire that leaves Hamas free to continue its promise to destroy Israel and every Jew once it has the time to re-arm will lead to an even worse catastrophe in 6 months time.

But I guess you never really understood the situation well enough to figure that out. Just like your organisation continually howls about the lack of humanitarian supplies in Gaza, without ever asking why there is no lack of rockets and weapons for the Hamas government who run the place.

Finally your claim about 10 children per day being killed comes from non-verified Hamas sources (remember Hamas controls UNWRA in Gaza) and so should be taken with a pinch of salt. Whatever the number, it certainly is dwarfed by the number being killed in many other conflicts around the world – most inflicted by Muslims about you which you apparently have much less concern.

Yours sincerely,

Edgar Davidson


Anonymous said...

Anarchists the lot of them!!

Anonymous said...

The threat you are talking about was created by Israel, Mr Davison.....

Try living in a strip of land fit enough to hold 250,000 population and you have over a million settlers there.....

Try living in a land where you do not have the freedom to move as people are watching your every step, and any comments against the state of israel means a bulldozer may turf you out of your home.......

How many of the children in Israel were killed by the rocket fire on december 19th? How many schools were targetted? Why didnt the Jewish brothers have Sky News show the wounded and dead? Because it was two rockets which may have landed on two houses....???

You have a pro Israel Speech from the first word on the blog, with untrue statements...please go back to your sources and check the news....and stop corrupting the readers by saying hamas want to kill jews.....Back to the 1967 agreement is what they want.....not the Jews Dead....PEOPLE LIKE YOU CASE AND CREATE HATRED....FREE YOUR MIND.....FREE PALESTINE.....

Chas Newkey-Burden said...

Brilliant, just brilliant Edgar.

Anonymous said...

Edgar - you're beautiful. Your only omission is the suggestion that Ms. Whitbread and her entourage change the name of their organization to: "Save The Children WE Want You To Save."