Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bizarre BBC response to today's terrorist attack against Israel

The BBC has surpassed itself in breathtaking anti-Israel bias in its report of the Hamas-led terrorist attack today. The following a self-explanatory letter of complaint I have just written to the BBC:

The report on the10.00pm News this evening regarding the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel was extremely biased against Israel and contained a major factual error. The report claimed that the attack was revenge for Israel "killing 13 Palestinian civilians" in the last week. In fact most of those civilian deaths were a result of an explosion at a Gaza beach, which was originally claimed to be from a stray Israeli shell, but has since proved to be almost certainly from a mine (probably planted by the Palestinians themselves). The other civilian deaths resulted from an Israeli air strike that targetted terrorists in the act of travelling with Qassam rockets to fire at the Israeli town of Sderot. The fact that Palestinian have been firing these rockets (at the rate of dozens every day) from densely populated areas suggests that they, not the Israelis, are to blame for such civilian deaths.

It was extremely unbalanced and unprofessional of the BBC to present the news in this way, especially as the BBC has been silent in its news broadcasts about the continued indiscriminate rocket attacks against Israeli towns.


Edgar Davidson

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