Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Open house for Jew baiters

The Irving and Livingstone cases have provided an open house for all kinds of Jew baiters. General theme of the attacks from the usual left and Islamist front have been "this is all evidence of a Jewish/Zionist conspiracy, no other race is protected in this way etc". The media and phone-ins have been full of them. But particularly bizarre was last Thursday's BBC Question Time when (after a question about the Irving affair) a young lady claiming to be an Oxford History student stated that her "history studies had shown clearly that the Holocaust was minor compared with thousands of other atrocities in history". Cue much clapping from the audience and not a single panelist responding with the obvious question: 'name one'.

Lots of other excellent blog articles relating to this like this one and this one at normblog while if you want to be truly disgusted take a look at the Latest Galloway rant posted at Harry's Place.

Also, while on the subject of Jew-baiters, I've previously posted articles like this, and this about Dubai (the United Arab Emirates) partly in amazement that anybody (let alone Jews) would want to support this country of bin-Laden supporters and funders. Well, now that the USA have incredibly agreed to allow a UAE-owned company to run their ports it turns out that the company actually illegally involved in the boycott of Israeli goods - Michelle Malkin has a report on this. Please remember this stuff when you hear people tell you how wonderful their holiday in Dubai was.

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