Sunday, February 19, 2006

More 'peaceful' demonstrations

The excellent Jihad Watch has this interesting photo from a cartoon rally in Pakistan. It also has a frightening story (missed in all other media outlets) about the torture and murder of a young Jew in Paris by Islamists.

Also, I notice that all today and yesterday's media outlets are praising the 'peaceful' demonstration by 'moderate Muslims' that took place yesterday in Trafalgar Square. Yet, watching last night's news, I saw that in the very front was a large anti-semitic banner showing a Star of David behind the pen that was drawing the Mohammed cartoons (you see it's the world Jewish conspiracy again). And, I noticed that most of the banners said simply "War on terrorism is war against Islam" - this lot really don't like if we restrict their freedom to kill people. Finally, all the media are very quiet about the massacre of Christians in Nigeria by Muslims protesting against the cartoons.

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