Monday, March 04, 2019

A case study in hypocricy: the BBC's John Sweeney v Tommy Robinson

Seems to me that if the BBC wanted a real high quality documentary produced they should employ ... Tommy Robinson since his Panodrama documentary is a much better piece of journalism than anything done recently by the BBC.



Anonymous said...

I thought Tommy was a bad guy, until I saw him in Israel with Brian of London.
Then I watched the interview with Tommy and the Iman of Peace. I was actually pleasently surprised
to hear his views. I pray he stays safe.

Anonymous said...

Foolish move on the part of Board of Deputies. Tommy Robinson is literally putting his life on the line telling truths. These truths are to inform people of what is happening around them; to help them stay safe; to help their families, children and friends stay safe. He's advising people of the good - and the bad. He has learned the truth of Israel for himself and wants to inform people about his findings of the Jewish people and Israel - and you agree to have him blocked. That really doesn't make sense. How else is good going to be heard? That makes you and the Democratic party of the US. They had a vote in the house against Anti-Semitism. It should have passed. It didn't. If you don't speak up for us, who will?

Fahrenheit211 said...

Like anon commenter one I was wary of Mr Robinson for a while until I started to see that the media picture of him was very different from the reality. He understands the issue of Islam and its baked in hatreds of Jews.

To anon commentator two. I concur with your view here. Mr Robinson is putting his life on the line speaking up, there are probably a multitude of jihadists who would prefer a world without Mr Robinson in it. I thought it was extremely short sighted on the part of the BOD to join in with the fools chorus of celebration when Mr Robinson was banned from Facebook and Instagram. The BOD has also censured people who are members of the Board who have spoken out forcefully against Islam. Mr Robinson has told the truth about Israel just as he's told the truth about the more unpleasant aspects of Islam. I think that more people should acknowledge that. Re the BOD in general I think that the Board suffers from a problem that some other communal organisations suffer from and that is domination by the political Left. It is this Left that has given us linkages between the CST and the questionable Tell Mama organisation and the spectacle of a senior Liberal Rabbi serving as a councillor for the increasingly appalling Labour Party.