Wednesday, October 17, 2018

It's official: "standing up against Islamic terror (and against antisemitism)" = "fascism"

In October 2017 I reported on the remarkable march of the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) in London. The FLA was founded just a few months earlier by a group of football fans to peacefully protest against terrorism following the various attacks in the UK that year. The primary reason for the movement was the lack of interest from the main stream media and political parties in recognising, let alone confronting, the Islamist threat in the UK.

As people like Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins and even Douglas Murray know too well, in the UK if you are prepared to speak out against Islamic terror and rape gangs you are classified by the main stream media and the entire political class as a fascist.  And that is exactly what the media did to the FLA and its offshoot the DFLA. The real fascists - Islamists and the left-wing thugs of 'Antifa' - are then hailed as 'anti-fascists' when, as on 13 October, they violently disrupt the DFLA's planned peaceful protest in London.  The main stream media reporting on what happened was universally biased and wrong. This video tells the true story (see also this report) of how the police supported Antifa and their Islamist allies in sabotaging the march. 

Now one brave left-wing voice - Brendan O'Neill of Spiked - has written an excellent article addressing the issue. He writes
Naturally, the FLA and DFLA have been branded… Islamophobic. As if to prove their belief that it is impossible to have a frank discussion about Islamist extremism, many commentators took one look at these white (shudder), working-class (eurgh) protesters and called them racist scum. Because if a portly bloke and his wife, both in West Ham tops, attend a protest, they must be fascist filth, right? That’s the view of the university-educated, woke new left, most of whom have never even met a football fan, far less seen 10,000 of the strange creatures take to the streets.
But things have now got even worse. It turns out that Mark Phillips, a coach at West Ham Utd, has been suspended simply for attending the DFLA march on 13 October.

On a related subject it is also worth noting that on 16 October a 70-year-old Jewish woman was kicked in the face by Corbyn supporters outside a Corbynist event that set out to deny there is an antisemitism problem in the Labour Party. As David Collier reports the Corbynistas reaction to this was to claim that the Jewish woman - and her female friend who was also attacked - were 'fascists' deserving of their fate.

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