Friday, August 03, 2018

Bombshell: By parroting their slander against Israel Corbyn the antisemite exposes the rotten core of Britain's useless Jewish leadership

The key part of Corbyn's Guardian interview today are his statements about Israel (and note the Jewish Chronicle curiously removes all reference to these statements from its report on the interview - they know he has snookered them on this and they want to cover it up). What he says is EXACTLY the narrative of Britain's 'official' Jewish leadership: 2-state solution nonsense, lies about occupation and Israel killing innocent Palestinians, rejection of Nation State law etc. Corbyn even explicitly refers to the BoD as agreeing with him - and he is right. But that narrative of lies and propaganda against Israel is driving the current tsunami of antisemitism. By indulging in this slander against Israel the BOD, JLC, JC etc are complicit in inflaming this antisemitism. They are no longer fit for purpose and have disqualified themselves from representing Jews against Corbyn's antisemitism.He has proved they are part of the same problem.

Here is Corbyn's full statement on Israel.
Labour supports a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. That means an end to the occupation of the Palestinian territories and the creation of a Palestinian state, alongside the state of Israel, with both states living in peace and security. Our campaign for that should be conducted in a democratic, respectful and of course entirely peaceful manner.
This has been a difficult year in the Middle East, with the killing of many unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza, and Israel’s new nation-state law relegating Palestinian citizens of Israel to second-class status. I know that many within the Jewish community, including the Board of Deputies, share our concerns. It should not be a source of dispute.
Corbyn the antisemite has exposed the rotten core of Britain's useless Jewish leadership.


Unknown said...

And he calls this an apology to the Jewish Community! All he has done is to use this opportunity to accuse Israel of being racist and to ensure that this is what will stick in the public consciousness to divert from the antisemitism in his Party.

Watchman said...

What everyone is missing is that Corbyn is a very shrewd operator. He knows how to play the useful idiots lie a stradivarius violin. Hos non-apology plays well with the fascist-left, the Marxist lecturers & their groomed students & above all the 4 million or so virulently Jew hating Postal voting Muslim New Hanscharr SS divisions. Even if Corbyn gave a shit for us, look at the voting. What's 250,000 Jews against 4 million or so Muslim votes. Corbyn's Momentum Brownshirts know this & see us as "acceptable collateral damage" in the drive for power.

DavidD said...

You are all missing the point we know Corbyn is an anti-Semite like most of his party. The problem is not him but the disgusting morons who consider themselves to be our leaders in the Jewish community and who frankly should hold their heads in shame. We need to get rid of them in fact need to get rid of the Board of deputies which is a waste of space and money and fulfils no useful purpose. The campaign against anti-Semitism does a much better job and doesn't have to indulge in anti Israel rhetoric to please the goyim which is the speciality of the Board of deputies. In turn that useless organisation is supported by the disgusting Jewish leadership Council the Chief Rabbi and the useless Jewish newspapers. I am thoroughly ashamed to be a member of of the Anglo Jewish community which has such yellowbellied cowards as leaders.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Watchman: Yes I've done posts previously saying this

Daniel D: I've been saying continually that the BoD is useless. But the CAA have also failed to tackle the 'elephant in the room' in this debate, namely that fact that 'anti-Zionism' is driven by a narrative of lies and propaganda put out by hard-core antisemites which is believed and propagated by soft-core antisemites