Sunday, June 03, 2018

'Expert' who documents blood libels against the Jews ...promotes a blood libel against the Jews

One of the objectives of the current round of violence by Hamas is to use their Pallywood skills to create ever new 'martyrs' to feed the blood libel lust of the media and antisemites. So, since the mass 'protests' have started, we have had the 'wheelchair bound grandfather', the 'press reporter' and the 'baby' all 'deliberately killed' by the evil Jews. All those stories - based entirely on Hamas claims and always accepted without questioning by the media - made headline news throughout the world before being quietly debunked as lies some time later (with the original reports rarely, if ever, corrected). The latest example (see above) - dominating all of the headlines today - is the case of the 'innocent beautiful young nurse' who was 'deliberately shot and killed by Israeli snipers'. That narrative is a lie like all the others. 14 June 2018 Update: The 'medic' was a self-declared Hamas 'human shield'.

Leftists - including many who claim that they 'fight' antisemitism -  are among the most enthusiastic promoters of the modern-day Hamas blood libels. To get a feel for the cognitive dissonance involved in this I present the example of one well-known leftist 'antifascist' called Mike Stuchbery. For the past 5 hours he has been tweeting interesting examples of historic blood libels against Jews one after another such as this one below, citing how these lies led to pogroms against the Jews.

Yet, guess what he posted immediately before he started this series of tweets? The tweet at the top of this page promoting the modern day blood libel against Jews (accepting the lies pumped out by genocidal antisemites Hamas).

Also note that the source of the dead nurse story was the Palestine Information Center (run by Hamas) who are the very people who claimed that an American TV actress was a French doctor working in Gaza:

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David said...

Somewhat off the subject but today the new leader of the Board of deputies is starting an investigation of Roslyn Pines a proud supporter of Israel for Islamophobia. More virtue signalling from the useless waste of time and money the Board of deputies. These idiots think they represent us but it's time that we started a campaign to disband these trembling Israelites because they are certainly part of the enemy. Anglo Jewry is in dire straits surrounded by enemies including members of the religion of peace but these idiots have nothing better to do with their time than persecute a good Jew and friend of Israel. They are the most abject yellow bellied cowards and I am truly ashamed to be part of a community that includes such an organisation. By the way yesterday they were having a Ramadan meal with the Chief Rabbi and various imams so we know where their priorities and it is certainly not with the people they are supposed to represent.