Monday, January 29, 2018

More on a typical British debate on Israel

Following on from my post yesterday, here is a further simple summary. There's really no need to ever listen to, or watch, a 'debate about Israel/Palestine' as it always follows this pathetic route. The 'trembling Israelite' response and what it should be.

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bataween said...

Why don't you appear on these debates?

DavidD said...

Unfortunately the Anglo Jewish leadership are trembling Israelites as as they were so aptly described by by Issy Liebler. They are incredibly ignorant about Israel and are totally incapable of defending Israel in an effective manner and going on the attack which of course is the best form of defence.

We need a new organisation unapologetically pro-Israel which exposes Palestinian lies which puts forward a positive case and does not act defensively but this not likely to happen. Melanie Phillips is the only Jewish journalist worth her salt the rest are idiot appeasers. I wouldn't allow the Jewish News or the Jewish Chronicle inside my house both are only suitable for lining a birdcage.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

To bataween: I'm no longer part of the British Jewish community and my views wouldn't be welcomed by the 'official Jewish community' anyway. This is a community which campaigned successfully to BAN pro-Israel speakers from entering the UK. That is the level of insanity and appeasement we are dealing with.

To daniel d: Totally agree. They are all appeasers (Jewish News and Chronicle and all their writers fit that description). Melanie Phillips is good but she is actually an ineffective debater because she is too wordy and not sufficiently aggressive. Ironically the only effective pro-Israel debaters are non-Jews, notably Douglas Murray and Col Richard Kemp, but BECAUSE they are effective they no longer get invited on the the mainstream media to talk about Israel.