Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Labour and antisemitism: you couldn't make this up

About that 'award' given to the Jewish Labour Movement .....

The Jewish Chronicle reports on this. What the JC don't tell you much about of course is who Del Singh really was. I blogged about Del Singh when he was killed in 2014. The Jewish Labour Movement must have known about him. So why did they accept the award in his name in the first place?
Del Singh: friend of Islamic terrorists in Gaza - killed by Islamic terrorists in Kabul
It is also important to note that the Palestine Solidarity Campaign - of which Singh was a prominent member - is not just an anti-Israel organisation but also a blatantly antisemitic one as proved by David Collier



Denis said...

They should be told to return the award and explain why. This is almost worse than the whitewash inquiry.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Yes they must return the award. They should apologise to the Jewish community for having accepted it while publicly stating how misguided Del Singh was and his family are.