Friday, October 21, 2016

Truth is the new hate speech: my work is being censored and demonized

As I've reported several times previously a number of major mobile phone networks and internet providers have "content locked" my blog on the basis that it has "Content deemed unsuitable for persons under 18". The same is true of many other pro-Israel blogs. A few people have said recently they are no longer able to access my site at all. But in the last few weeks the partial censorship has turned into full blown censorship and worse.  I am no longer allowed to post any links to my own blog on twitter (no explanation or response has been provided by Twitter about this). Even more worryingly, a friend told me today he was blocked by FaceBook after sharing my previous post about Muslim refugees:
I was blocked last 3 days by Facebook for publishing your post about 'Muslim and Jewish refugees: spot the difference.' I would have violated Facebook community standards?
Sharing this graphic led to a friend being banned on FaceBook


Shirl in Oz said...

I am finding this hard to grasp.
Why this when something I just reported 'apparently' doesn't violate community standards?

It seems it's OK to post videos of people being stabbed and threatened to be stabbed.

Anonymous said...

Elder, Israeli Cool and others have doubtless been subjected to an orchestrated attack by reactionary BDS cyber thugs . Simply go to settings and adjust the content lock under 18 so that it shows either off or if that's not possible the minimum time it's locked . I adjusted mine so that I'm locked out between 00.00 and 0015 . Problem solved. It's time we adopted a little ' cyber thuggery ' of our own on the likes of White , Mondo , Abunimah etc . Hope that helps a bit . Keep up the good work.

Kian said...

I heard pro israel website are band inside israel!