Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Terrorist attack in Sarona complex Tel Aviv

Multiple deaths and injuries at the beautiful Sarona complex (food market and restaurants).

The excuses, lies and obfuscation have already begun. As of course have the Palestinian celebrations. UPDATE: Media portrays Palestinians as the real victims of the massacre.



Charles Nankin said...

you're an antisemite (or impregnated with antisemitism) if you reacted to this latest terrorist attack by wondering why israel and its jews are just so terrible.

your thinking: people are essentially good (???), so why would some people be led to do these things? jews are therefore essentially not good.

Charles Nankin said...

after reading my first statement, you decide that both 'sides' are equally bad. that its a mess. and that you must just ignore it and get on with your life. after all, its all so far away. and the middle east is crazy.

so according to you:
- fights are started by both particpants. if you see a fight, neither side started it. it just started.
- the persecution of the jews will not affect your well-being and does not affect the economy and well-being of the world.
- truth does not exist (an idea which is the start of a whole host of other disasters) or you are unable to evaluate it, and thus you have no fixed moral base.

wkovacs said...

stay away from the jew haters on social media, because they are having a field day with this one

see terrorism everywhere else in the world in senseless....but not in israel

the jews deserved it because.....THE OCCUPATION

Anonymous said...

All of these peopl above pray to a Jew, when they have illness or problems in their lives.

Right answer said...

Zionist entity deserves that and its not a terrorist act it's a war for the owners of the land and So Fuck You All and long live PALESTINE .l.