Saturday, November 14, 2015

Yesterday's terrorist attacks in Israel and Paris highlight media and politicians' hypocrisy

Ya'akov Litman who was murdered along with his 18-year-old son, Natanel
Even without the enormous story of the terrorist attacks in Paris the main stream media was always going to ignore the horrific terrorist attack that took place several hours earlier in Israel. The Litman family were travelling near Hebron to a family celebration (their daughter was getting married in 4 days time) when Muslim terrorists attacked their car leaving Ya'akov and his 18-year-old son Natanel dead and his wife and four young children injured and traumatized. What makes the story even worse - and highlights the sick mentality of the Palestinians - is that a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance at the scene refused to treat them.Varda Epstein has a very good article about the Litman family tragedy. and here is a video of the daughter who was getting married.

Today the Telegraph asserts: "The brutality of this attack shows that we are not dealing with an enemy that can be negotiated with, only confronted and beaten."

Except, of course, they are talking about the Paris attacks - they do not care at all about the killing of Jews in Israel, which is why you will never hear any such statement when terrorists attack Israel as they are doing now on a daily basis...  even though these are the same terrorists (Sunni Muslims who originate from the Muslim Brotherhood). And while the Telegraph's message "Vive La France: The world is with you" is heartfelt, it is one they would never apply to Israel.

And while on the subject of hypocrisy yesterday morning on LBC Nick Ferrari was whooping for joy at the news that Muslim terrorist Jihadi John was killed in a targeted drone strike. That's the same same Nick Ferrari who goes apoplectic with rage when Israelis target Muslim terrorists in the act of trying to kill Israeli civilians. Indeed the same Nick Ferrari who said on air in 2012 that he 'mourned' the Hamas terrorists who were killed in a drone strike by Israel. In fact the entire media (which routinely rages at Israel for targeting terrorists) was yesterday today rejoicing at the targeted killing of a terrorist. And today the entire media (which routinely ignores terrorist attacks against Israel and rages at Israel for responding) is mourning the terrorist attacks against France and demanding a strong response.

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fairbrit said...

I am sickened at the appalling loss of life in Paris. However, what is ALSO sickening is having to listen to every single newscaster call on France for the eradication of this evil when for the past however many months these same newscasters have criticised 'disproportionate force' used by IDF in targeting and killing that Palestinian terrorist in a hospital last week.

Jewish victims amount to nothing to the rest of the world. Israel and the Jews are battling these same Islamic brutes entirely alone.

We have known this for ages but today, the news reports confirm this fact.

Unknown said...

Israel, shortly you will enjoy the fruits of your favored by Abba status. What you are experiencing is meant to establish you...I Peter 5:10...Think it not strange the tribulation you go through for it cannot compare to the glory you shall know. Shalom u'vracha

sm said...

very very sad, my heart and prayers are with Israel