Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Iran deal: the comparison with 1938 is wrong and here is why

The 1938 deal at least attempted to address the core problem: To stop the militaristic intentions of a murderous antisemitic dictatorship (Germany).   The 2015 deal legitimizes and funds the militaristic intentions of a murderous antisemitic dictatorship (Iran).

Aspect of treaty agreement
1938 treaty signed by Germany
2015 treaty signed by Iran
Money just for signing deal
Germany gets nothing
Iran gets $50 billion
Money if they stick to the deal
Germany gets nothing
Iran get hundreds of billions each year from sanctions relief and new contracts
Penalties if they do not stick to deal
War declared against Germany
None (the Russians and Chinese have already made it clear that the sanctions ‘snap back’ will not be implemented) and all military options have been taken off the table
Some limits imposed on Germany’s army/navy movements
No limits to Iran’s army/navy movements
Weapons conventional
Minor limits imposed on Germany
All previous limits imposed on Iran dropped. They will be given the money to buy the world’s most sophisticated weapon systems.
Weapons nuclear
Iran gets to build nuclear bombs with the full approval of the international community
Stringent limits Imposed on Germany’s territorial ambitions
No limits imposed on Iran’s territorial ambitions (so immediate expansion of interest in Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, West Bank)
Support for terrorism
Not accepted
Iran can continue its support for terrorist movements all over the world
Germany promised not to harm them, although Hitler made it very clear he wanted all Jews out of Germany
Iran promises death to Israel

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