Saturday, May 23, 2015

Money for starving Africans or convicted Palestinian terrorists?

I have reported many times on the scandal of Britain's funding of the Palestinian Authority going to pay salaries of convicted terrorists. Finally, some of the main stream media is waking up to the story - as you can see from this report in today's Daily Express.

Cash for terrorist salaries from the Foreign Aid budget is by no means the only scandal relating to British payments to the 'Palestinian cause'. Millions more per year goes to NGOs based in Israel and the PA which are dedicated solely to the deligitimization of Israel. The idiots at the Foreign Office claim these payments will ultimately support a 'two-state solution', whereas these organisations actually do nothing other than incite hatred and violence.

And of course there is also the millions from hard-working Brits paid every year to charities like Oxfam, Christian and Comic Relief which ends up directly funding Palestinian Jew-hatred.

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Unknown said...

The UK needs to decide if they support jihadi or Western values. It's inexcusable to look the other way as taxpayer funds are used to undermine the front line state of Israel. Brussels and Paris are what happens close to home when you nurture deep hatreds abroad.