Monday, December 15, 2014

"Jews for Justice for Palestinians": bunch of fraudulant bigots

Screenshot of JfJfP Facebook Book (taken 15 Dec 2014 just in case they change it as a result of this story)

"Jews for Justice for Palestinians" (JfJfP) consists of a bunch of extreme leftist obsessive Israel haters with tenuous (and in some cases no) links to Judaism. Like their sister organisation the Palestine Solidarity Campaign they have no interest in the welfare of Palestinians at all - their only objective is the destruction of the Jewish state and everything they do is geared towards that.

How apt then that the banner photo for their facebook site is, like the organisation itself, a complete sham. It is the iconic photo that was exposed last week as a staged fake. The two boys in the photo, taken by American photojournalist Ricki Rosen are both Jews from Jerusalem.

See alternative spin on this story.


Donisthorpe boot boy. said...

You do know that the next potential prime ministers mother is an active member.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Yes I know that. But Milliband himself declared his allegiance 2 weeks ago when attended the Enemies of Israel - oops I mean frends of Palestine - dinner

Donisthorpe boot boy. said...

What was on the menu, "Palestinian Chicken", fans of Larry David in "Curb your enthusiasm" will know what I mean. Hope it gave him belly ache.

Sheri Oz said...

The irony is not lost on me. As you well know, given that I purposefully used that picture as my feature image on my article on making friends for peace: fake for fake.