Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Anti-semitic anti-Israel propaganda delivered to Birmingham homes

"Slaney St Free" - (described on their website as a "Birmingham based democratic news co-operative") is a free monthly newspaper delivered to homes throughout Birmingham. It is not clear who funds it, as the website 'about' link is empty. The September edition - delivered to the home of a friend - has the Palestine flag on its cover and contains some of the most vicious anti-Israel propaganda I have seen outside of Muslim countries - mixed in with good old-fashioned anti-semitism.

As an example, the article below by Robert Brenchley called the "Cleansing of Palestine" repeats all the usual well-known lies and blood libels (including the infamous maps that lie) and inversion of reality (whereby it is the Jews who are apparently racist and terrorists and
"Israel has had opportunity after opportunity to make peace and settle the conflict, and has thrown away every one of them."). But it also contains some fairly novel material such as the spectacularly bizarre notion of Israel's 'demonization of Arab resistance' which presumably means that Israel is committing a crime for trying to stop terrorists killing its civilians. The article misquotes a fringe Israeli politician to conclude that the policy of the Government of Israel is to commit a Nazi-style genocide against the Palestinians. And it claims that the Jewish suffering in the Holocaust was not only not unique, but "was one of many genocides that resulted from the spread of the European empires".  This is the kind of material that is especially being used to target and brainwash students.

Update: Now a request to support Hamas comes through the letter box

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