Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Palestinians fire 90 rockets from Gaza in one hour into Israel during Cameron's visit ... not considered newsworthy in the UK

And so it starts again. Between 55 and 90 rockets were fired by Islamic Jihad against Israeli towns. But even though this was shortly after David Cameron addressed the Knesset today** the story of this barrage is apparently not important enough to be reported on any of the 24-hours news channels in the UK. That will, of course, change as soon as Israel responds*** and we will get the usual condemnation of Israel

**Rather ironically Cameron actually said in his speech that Israel "has already seen 38 missiles from Gaza this year alone"  So that number was more than trebled within hours.

 ***Hopefully Israel will target this 'monument' in Gaza (funded by EU money even though Hamas claims it cannot afford to pay to keep the elctricity in Gaza working):
"Monument" unveiled by Hamas in Gaza today. 
Update 14 March: Unbelievable: see how the Jewish Chronicle 'covers' the story

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Anonymous said...

This is unconscionable!! After all the 'collaboration' the British have had with the ARABS historically - and their abandonment of mandates which THEY created and instituted with the JEWISH people - I have lost ALL respect for them in regard to ANYTHING to do with the Middle East!!! They should be ASHAMED.