Monday, February 03, 2014

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UK Media

Obama has Israel's back

Marching with Islam

Oxfam Funding

Arafat and Obama: the love match

Spencer and Geller Banned from UK
Establishment v Tommy


Anonymous said...

Obama has a bigger boner for Israelis than for Palestine. I know leftists want to make him out to be a Muslim or whoever, but the fact is that the chimp in charge loves his Jewish brothers.

Anonymous said...

What happens to Israel when Europe becomes Muslim?
Recent immigration and reproducing have swelled the numbers of Muslims in Europe.
When Muslims become a majority in EU, as they certainly will, Israel will be totally surrounded and cut off from the rest of the World.
The straits of Gibraltar will be closed to any shipping that wants to reach Israel.
What will Israel do?
(I am pro-Israel, by the way, not winding you up)