Friday, November 15, 2013

Jewish Press also ignores cold blooded terrorist murder of Israeli boy

Jewish News: 48 pages but no room for the story
Following on from the story yesterday of the media silence on the Lee-Rigby-like terrorist murder of Eden Atias I was at least expecting major coverage in the two UK weekly Jewish newspapers - the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish News (notwithstanding their dismal record of failing to either stand up for, or even report accurately on, Israel).

 Both of these  papers go to print on Thursday. For them the 'best' possible time for a news story to happen is Wednesday morning as it gives them time to cover the story properly while also presenting it as fresh news. The murder of Eden Atias was announced on Wednesday morning and so should have been their lead. Despite this the Jewish News does not find any room at all for the story in any of its 48 pages - not even in the 'Israel news' section or the 'world news' section. Its front page story shown here is obviously of far greater significance.

Jewish Chronicle: Finally a mention ... on Page 28
In 68 pages of the Jewish Chronicle ('the world's oldest and leading newspaper dedicated to Jewish affairs') the story does get a mention as shown....buried on page 28 with the mysterious headline "Soldier dies in stabbing" as if it was some natural self-induced event. The JC's headline writers have clearly been learning from the BBC and Guardian. And they cannot find the room to even mention the dead boy's name in the brief report.  The JC apparently does not want to humanise the story by giving the victim a name.

Like the rest of the media there is also a continued news blackout of the ongoing appalling violence against Jews in the Mount Scopus area of Jerusalem. Presumably under pressure from Obama, the Government of Israel seems to have abdicated its repsonisibility to defend its citizens (as brilliantly expressed in this article). And it seems that news of Jewish Israelis under attack is now the sole responsibility of a handful of bloggers.

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