Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What the UK media will and will not tell you

Following on from my post about the Muslim victimhood narrative, it is interesting to note that in the last 48 hours alone (see here for more details) the following major events have happened, but have been almost totally ignored by the British media:
Despite 24-hour news channels like BBC News, Sky News and CNN, none of those channels found the time to report on any of the above events in any of their prime time spots. Yet last night and this morning BBC News and Sky News led with the story of  a Ukrainian in the UK who pleaded guilty of murdering a Muslim man and of attacking mosques. This was, of course, a terrible crime. But the wall-to-wall coverage this story has received - with the major focus being on this man's hatred of Muslims and hence pushing the 'Islamaphobia' narrative - should be contrasted not just to the refusal of the main stream media to report on much more serious atrocities by Muslims, but also to their under-reporting of Muslim terrorism and gang crimes in the UK. Thus, the multiple cases of Muslim terrorist cells and Muslim sex-slave gangs are covered up in the sense that the ethnicity of the gangs (if reported at all) is said to be "Asian".

None of the above is coincidental. As reported here today CNN are actually paid by supremacist Islamic regimes to not to report what they consider are 'damaging' stories. The BBC's leftist editors need no external payment to dictate their news agenda since any story of Muslim terrorism simply does not fit well with their "Muslims as victim narrative" and so needs to be obfuscated or not reported at all. As for Sky, ever since Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bought 10% of News Corporation (which owns Sky news) their news coverage has had a biased agenda easily on a par with the BBC (just search "Sky" on this blog for an indication of the extent of this bias in the last 3 years). For the same reason, Britain's most popular newspaper - the Sun (owned by News Corp) - has gone the same way (again just search "Sun" on this blog). That's why NONE of the stories at the start of this article were reported at all in the Sun, but the Ukrainian murderer was given a full page of coverage today.

The incredible irony of what is happening in the UK (and the rest of the Western world) is that if you still rely on the main stream media for your news, then the only way you will get to hear of the regular Muslim terrorist atrocities taking place every day in every part of the world is if you tune in to Al Jazeera.

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