Saturday, September 07, 2013

Israeli leftists' suicidal determination to help Syrians who promise to kill them

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This is not about the Israeli hospitals quietly treating Syrians injured in the civil war, but rather a story of Israelis putting themselves in harm's way to help people who promise to kill them.

The story - in this week's Jewish Chronicle - perfectly captures the naive and dangerous mindset of Israeli leftists, who simply cannot get it into their heads that the world's anti-Semites do not hate them any less than they hate any other Israelis or Jews.

It is the story of a leftist Israeli NGO (non governmental organisation) whose volunteers have been risking their lives actually going into Syria to provide aid - according to the article this includes 300,000 meals and five ambulances. While this sounds like a very noble venture, such is the risk of what they are doing that the name of the NGO cannot be revealed, and the volunteers lack any protection - meaning they could easily be taken hostage and hence ultimately risk the lives of many Israelis in trying to free them.  But the most important message in the story is the statement by the Syrian rebel commander (these are the guys the USA and UK are supporting remember) who has been aided by this NGO, who told the Israelis helping them:
"Let me finish with them [the Syrian government], and then I'm coming for you."

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