Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Unusual example of Sharia imposed in the UK: no mankinis* allowed during Ramadan

This extraordinary story - in which a charity-raising pair were attacked by a violent mob of Muslims in Birmingham for 'insulting Muslims on Ramadan' because of their fancy dress attire -  is reported in today's Sun**. But equally extraordinay is that (consistent with the story I reported on Monday) the Sun goes to great lengths to avoid the Muslim angle completely, referring only to an  'angry mob'.
Mankini pair face mob riot
TWO men who dressed in mankinis for a sponsored walk had to be rescued by police after they were attacked by an angry mob. Steven Ellis, 41 and brother-in-law Jason Hendry, 22, were pelted with stones and eggs by the crowd — who accused them of insulting locals during Ramadan.
The animal-loving pair donned the comedy outfits — skimpy trunks with shoulder straps — for a dare on their eight-mile trek to raise £300 for Birmingham Dogs’ Home. But they were attacked as they stopped in the city’s Sparkbrook district to give two dogs with them a drink. Steven’s wife, Victoria, 36, who was following the pair in a car, said: “We stopped in a supermarket car park and were suddenly surrounded. “There was a crowd of about 30 to 40 men who began throwing stones and eggs at us. “They were shouting at Jason saying that he was a pervert and a paedophile, and one of them called me a dirty white slag. “The abuse was appalling. I had our five young children in the car and they were terrified. “We called the police who escorted us out of the area. They said the trouble was due to sensitivities over an EDL march and Ramadan.” Jason added: “It was disgusting behaviour. I was angry with them for how they reacted. “We tried to explain it was just a bit of fun, to raise money for charity.” 
* The mankini was pioneered by Sacha Baron Cohen for his Borat character
**I have reproduced the story here as the Sun online is no longer free.

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