Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fighting Islamic terror by censoring and criminalizing criticism of Islamic terror

Today's Sun: two typical stories of how the media narrative has been framed after Woolwich

The almost universal reaction from our politicians and the main stream media to last week's terror attack in Woolwich has been to
  1. Insist that this has nothing to do with 'authentic' Islam (and we now know that David Cameron and Boris Johnson are apparently more qualified than any Imam to judge what is 'authentic' Islam) -
  2. Cast Muslims as the 'real' victims by desperately scouring for incidents of 'Islamaphobic' reaction and then massively overhyping the tiny number of incredibly minor incidents found (most of which are bogus)  while almost completely ignoring further acts of Islamic terrorism such as the attacks on prison wardens and on military memorials (note how the Mirror has actually censored out the Islam graffiti in its photos of the latter while bizarrely implying that the EDL is somehow to blame).
  3. Pretend to be serious about clamping down on Islamic hate preachers, while in practice use it as an opportunity to censor anybody who exposes the true Islamic threat (in fact, the only Islamic hate preacher who they now really want to censor is Anjem Choudary who actually performs a valuable service by being almost unique in stating very publicly and authoritatively what Islam is really about; in contrast, the many preachers who talk at Universities and even advise government ministers are given a pass because they restrict their hate incitement to Muslim audiences only).
  4. Focus their fury on the threat from who it calls 'right wing fanatics' (such as the 85-year-old woman arrested for shouting outside a mosque) and in particular the EDL (who have the temerity to be both British patriots and prepared to expose the dangers to the UK of radical Islam). 
The latter has led, for example, to the kind of stories now appearing as shown above in today's Sun. In the first story we find that the Help the Heroes charity is actually refusing to accept donations that originate from the EDL (compare the hypocrisy of the media's prompting of this action with their total lack of interest in organisations like Oxfam directly funding Palestinian anti-Semitism). In the second story we find that the Police arrested and fined a drunk who 'mocked a Muslim prayer ritual' (compare the speed and resulting action of this with the total lack of action against Muslims who have publicly called for the beheading of 'Kuffars' at many rallies in London). The Sun also has another story today in which it blames the EDL for violence at a rally on Monday, when the violence was actually caused by the 'United Against Fascism' counter-protesters (a grouping of violent socialists and Islamists).

Expect to see many more cases like this one.

Update: excellent article by Bruce Bawer covering this issue

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