Saturday, March 30, 2013

Redefining anti-Israel bigots as 'aid workers'

Front Page of the Sun, 30/3/2013
It is appalling that two Pakistani-born British women have been raped in Libya. But to call them 'aid workers' as every main stream media outlet has in the UK (see this report about the BBC and Times coverage) is a blatant lie. And it is scandal that this story is also being used to promote the Big Lie against Israel.  Of more concern than the BBC and Times articles is this one that appeared in yesterday's Sun (since it is read by far more people).
Page 7, The Sun, 30/3/2013

These people were not 'aid workers' (as the article linked above makes very clear) and their mission had nothing to do with compassion for the Palestinians. They were part of another publicity stunt aimed purely to demonise the State of Israel, and the Sun has fully taken the bait - notably in the last two columns of the main article (click to enlarge it). Far from Israel blockading medical supplies from reaching Gaza as implied, it actually sends lorries carrying many tons of such supplies daily into Gaza despite the continued attacks at the very checkpoints through which the lorries are sent. And whereas Israel certainly does attempt to stop the flow of weapons and weapons-making equipment into Gaza (a persistent threat that the article does not mention) it never stops humanitarian aid from getting through, which is more than can be said for Egypt which also has a border with Gaza but is strangely exempt from accusations of 'mounting a blockade'.  The article is correct in stating that the convey was run by the Turkish organisation IHH. But IHH is not an 'international aid group' as stated but an Islamist organisation that even Turkey classified as a terrorist group not too long ago (see here for a good expose of IHH). The IHH link inevitably leads the article to repeats the false narrative about the Mavi Marmara ship incident in 2010, thereby further demonising Israel.

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