Monday, July 09, 2012

Writing Jews out of history

It is commonly (and accurately) stated that for the Jews of Europe during the holocaust the world was divided into two:
The places they could not stay and the places they could not go.  
Post-1948 the Jews of Arab lands were similarly forced from their homes, but at least they had a place to go, with some one million eventually going to Israel. These Jewish communities had in most cases long pre-dated their Muslim Arab hosts; some - like the Jewish community of Baghdad - numbered in the hundreds of thousands. With the exception of tiny surviving communities in Morroco (2000), Tunisia (1500)  and Yemen (where three out of the remaining 110 have been murdered in the last two years) there are barely a handful of Jews remaining in the whole of the Arab world.

The story of the destruction of Arab Jewry is almost unknown in the West because it does not fit the standard pro-Palestinian narrative. That is why anti-Israel commentators perpetuate the myth that all Israelis are 'European colonists'.  Increasingly the Arabs themselves are trying to rewrite history not just to deny the ancient link of Jews to Israel, but even to deny the history of Jews in Arab lands. 
The culmination of this is now that the Jordanians (see Elder of Ziyon's report here) are claiming that there was never such a thing as 'Jewish refugees from Arab countries'.  As Elder comments "If no Jews were forced out of Arab countries in the 1940s through 1960s, I guess they must all have been indigenous to Israel, right?" In fact, we now have the situation whereby for Jews from Arab lands living in Israel, the Arab narrative divides the world into two:
The place they cannot stay and the places they never came from.  
Indeed, why bother to dehumanize people when you can simply argue that they do not even exist.


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