Thursday, December 29, 2011

Balanced reporting as usual

Today Turkish airplanes killed 35 Kurdish villagers on the border with Iraq.

There have been no spontaneously arranged anti-Turk demos sympathising the plight of the stateless Kurds outside the Turkish embassy in the UK. There have been no mass demonstrations of any sort and not a word from Clinton, Obama, Hague or Cameron. There has been not one word of condemnation from the UN. In fact the story has barely been mentioned in the UK News. On Sky News it got a whole 10 seconds right at the end of the main 30-minute news, which managed to convey an impression of sympathy with Turkey for making an honest mistake.

Yet when Israel's airplanes kill three terrorists in the act of carrying out an attack against civilians, all other news is put on hold while the world unites in its condemnation of Israel. In fact, the world no longer needs incidents of Israel defending itself or even building a house in Jerusalem in order to unite in condemnation. It now has the artifically created phenomenum of 'sexism' with which to bash Israel while the rest of the Middle East burns without any concern from the West. While staying silent on the massacres in Syria, Iraq, and Turkey, Hillary Clinton  has actually issued a statement of condemnation of Israel for the fact that some ultra-orthodox man refused to sit next to a woman in a bus in Jerusalem.

Isn't it nice to know that Israel is treated with the same degree of fairness and balance as all other countries.

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in the vanguard said...

It really is amazing how one-sided the media are in England, in the USA and in Israel too. Looks like a group of wealthy people own these media to the extent where all the personnel must follow a strict code of conduct, to suppress divisional crime, and augment anti-Western and, especially, anti-Israel libel. These far-extended, scattered worldwide, media outlets didn't become as perverted as they are "on their own" and "for no good reason". Only a very wealthy oligarchy can take over and control in such a uniform way.

Just look at obama as an indication of this, where he too belongs to "them" as their useful idiot. Nobody knows his place of birth, nobody has seen his school records, he spent millions to block his papers from the public, the infrastructure by and large is supportive of him in many important places - with no real call for impeachment, though he's dome much to deserve that, etc.; All because there is a movement underway to dumb down the people, to turn the Western world into a "one world - new order" that, meanwhile, is piggybacking on the islamic Jihad to sew terror where it can and, at the right moment, as sure as they succeeded with obama, they can abandon the arabs and take in all these forces to reign upon them as they see fit.