Tuesday, April 05, 2011

David Cameron: the worst PM in Britian's history

Cameron and Obama - the perfect storm of dhimittude, stupidity and hypocrisy  at a time when we are in critical need of real leadership.

Britain is in the process of the most savage set of cuts to its basic services  - and what does Cameron do? He triples aid to Pakistan - the corrupt country which is at the forefront of the Jihad against the West. And while Pakistan is spending billions on arming the Taliban and building more nuclear weapons, it is worth remembering that Pakistan's school system is dominated by the Madrassas, which indoctrinate the next generation of Jihadists:

David Cameron has disclosed plans to almost triple British aid for schools in Pakistan, even as its government spent billions on military equipment. 

And as if to prove just what a prat he is, while in Pakistan Cameron has 'done an Obama' by claiming that 'Britain caused many of the world's problems'. Yes, and of course the world is SO much better because of Pakistan.....

It has also been revealed that Britain was not just selling arms to Gadaffi, but was actually sending senior MOD commanders to Tripoli to drum up business. In fact in recent years Britain has been selling billions in arms to all of the most repressive Arab regimes including even Syria. But the one country against which Britain has applied an unofficial arms embargo is ... Israel. This embargo was initiated by David Milliband in 2009 but has been rigorously enforced by Cameron and Hague, even while they are falling over themselves to sell to the Arabs.

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Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I just want to tell you what a refreshing and welcoming site your blog is. I am a Brit who is a great supporter of nearly all things Jewish & Israeli. And despite the extremly-biased-bbc please know that there are many here who support you in your efforts against Islam-propaganda !

God bless Israel :-)