Thursday, March 31, 2011

A story that perfectly captures everything you need to know about the Islamic problem in the UK

A very interesting story in today's Sun perfectly captures many aspects about the Islamic threat in the UK and how the politically correct establishment deals with it. The local council (which is so short of cash it is closing nurseries and day centres) pays known Islamic thugs to go on a holiday in order to stop them violently disrupting a peacful demonstration. Then when the thugs violently assault a white man in an unprovoked racial attack on that holiday, they try to fabricate evidence that they were acting in self-defence (this part of the story is not included in the online version - what the paper says is that Hussain got one of his mates to bruise him to pretend he had been attacked first).  Despite all of this the Race Equality boss claims the whole thing was a success. Oh .. and finally not once in the reporting of this does the Sun actually state that the thugs are Muslims:

FIVE thugs sent on a £2,000 trip to keep them out of trouble ended up attacking a man during the jaunt. They were among 19 known troublemakers taken away to avoid clashes with English Defence League marchers near their homes.

Town hall bosses spent more than £2,100 on the day trip, which was supervised by a cop and five council staff, a court heard. The group, aged 17 to 19, were taken to Blackpool Pleasure Beach amid fears they could become embroiled in the EDL march in Dudley, West Midlands.

But soon after arriving at the Lancashire resort, the Asian yobs began aiming racist chants at dad-of-two Derek Brownhill, 30. Then Riad Hussain, 19, punched him so hard both his "feet left the ground" and he was knocked unconscious, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard. Prosecutor David Swinnerton said Sandwell Council organised the trip to "distract the 19 from anti-social behaviour" during the march against plans for a mosque in Dudley. Hussain was locked up for ten months. Raja Rashid and Fahad Atiq, who were on bail at the time over a separate hammer attack, were given 21 months and 16 months. Wasim Telhat and Mazahar Taheir received community orders. All five admitted assault.

Last night Race Equality Sandwell boss Derrick Campbell said: "I would not say the trip had failed. Its purpose was to keep them away from the march."


Anonymous said...

Looks like the local council has way too much money spare, hope the man they attacked is ok and the muslims who racially abused him are convicted for that as well

Being Dhimwhits, i guess the council will try to get that stopped as well

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gob-smacking (literally). What were the supervisors and the cop doing at the time? About time these PC idiots grew some nuts and really punished these muslims. They are laughing at how pathetic and weak the british are and, sadly, they are right.

Anonymous said...

Get all of the Muslims out of this country.
Wake up, England!

gsw said...

"Its purpose was to keep them away from the march."

well, It did work, now they are in jail - out of the way.