Saturday, October 17, 2009

Something that was not in the UK media

Outside Westminster yesterday, the home of British democracy, Islamists were not only calling for Sharia law and freedom 'go to hell', but were also calling for the murder of Geert Wilders (the courageous Dutch politician who has warned of the threat of Islamism in Europe).

Take a good look at the video here and watch it through to the end (it is 5 minutes).

For good measure they also called for death to Israel of course. The guys issuing the death threats are doing so openly and individually to the TV interviewer. Don't expect any police action against them.

Yet, of course, there was not a word of this in the UK media. The only coverage of the story simply referred to the 'extremist right wing anti-Muslim' Geert Wilders and gave space to Muslim spokesmen to criticise him. Even the Sun newspaper presented the story in this way.

More details here.

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