Saturday, September 12, 2009

An incredible story that is being ignored by most of the media

The terrorists who were convicted of the planned airplanes liquid bomb plot were known to be planning to take children with them as an additional method of getting through the Heathrow security. This is sick even for Islamists. But it now turns out apparently that they were not planning to take their OWN children. The plot leader, Abdulla Ahmed Ali, actually had fostered a child from Haringey council and the child was found in Ali's house at the time of his arrest (with a book written by Osama Bin Laden's mentor in the cot). The story appears on the front page of today's Sun but has been completely ignored by the rest of the main stream media, which feels that it is far more important to pump up stories that try to portray Muslims as victims.


lady_luck said...

Totally true. It is disgusting. I wonder about the British media, are they so left-winged and deluded that they actually deliberately don't highlight stories about islamic extremism.

pistolgal said...

I surfed into your site through Religion of Peace -- in all the coverage of the sentencing here in the States, I haven't heard this aspect of the story anywhere. It's so shocking.